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Imagine earning a passive income simply by referring clients to any of our web services. You can engage with us as an affiliate and market our services to potential customers in your network. It does not require you to be an a part time/full time employee with the Company.

Become An Affiliate

The following steps define the process to becoming an affiliate with Webixun Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

  • Fill your details and sign an Affiliate agreement. Signing the form indicates that you agree to our terms for the Affiliate Program mentioned on the form.
  • Provide xerox copies of necessary documents asked for such as an ID proof.

  • Successfully completing the above steps will make you an authorized affiliate for Webixun Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

How It Works

When a new lead is generated through your reference, you will be required to initiate contact between the lead and the company. The Business Development Team will communicate further with the lead and confirm the engagement. When the lead is converted and signs up for a service(s), you will receive a percentage of the total amount being charged by us for the service.

Terms Of Payment

  • You will be payed a percentage of the amount(excluding taxes) being charged by Webixun Infoways Pvt. Ltd. to the client, as agreed upon in the agreement.
  • The payment will be made to you only after the Agreement with the client has been signed and an advance payment has been made. The delay in your payment depends on the delay in confirmation of engagement with the cient.
  • The payment once made to you is non-refundable to the Company.
  • The mode of payment will be either bank transfer or cheque, as per your preference.
  • You can only represent yourself as an affiliate for Webixun Infoways Pvt. Ltd. and not an employee.
  • You can only refer and not promise any services to be provided by the Company on your end.
  • You are not supposed to make false or assumed remarks regarding the work of our company or any other company of the same work domain.
  • You must not quote a lumpsum amount for the requirements of a lead on your end or offer discounts.
  • You are only an authorized affiliate for the duration of time specified in your Agreement with the Company. You should not expect payments for any referals post that duration.
  • You must not defame Webixun Infoways Pvt. Ltd. during or post your term as an affiliate.
  • No referals made in the entire duration of being an affiliate does not entitle you to any payments by the Company.
  • You are not supposed to maintain any personal contact with the client on your end post the confirmation of engagement, otherwise being related or known prior to the referal.
  • You should not influence the partnership in any manner.

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